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Wyoming’s major oil and gas companies contemplate $6 billion merger

Zach Koppang | Shale Plays Media

Two major players in Wyoming’s oil and gas industry are considering a $6 billion acquisition deal.

The Wyoming Star-Tribune reported that Williams Partners LP is preparing to merge with Access Midstream Partners LP, which could have a major impact on the state of Wyoming. Both natural gas companies’ board of directors have yet to approve the action.

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As the Niobrara shale play continues to become an invaluable source of oil in Colorado, Wyoming is shifting away from its long history with coal. The partnership hopes to combine Williams’ gas field activity with Access Midstream’s ongoing natural gas infrastructure development.

Access Midstream has also laid plans for a new natural gas plant located in Douglas, Wyoming. The plant is said to be able to process 120 million cubic feet of gas per day, however, the merger’s impact on the facility has yet to be determined.

While EPA regulations are aiming to reduce carbon emissions and as Wyoming reluctantly moves away from coal, the business deal between Williams and Access Midstream indicates that Wyoming is taking the necessary preparations to keep up with the changing climate of energy production.

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