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Can spray foam benefit the ag industry?

spray foam, Profoam

Just as spray foam insulation is the go-to insulation product for residential and commercial builders, spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is now becoming a popular choice for a variety of agricultural applications. It makes regulating temperature and humidity cost-effective and easy while also increasing the structural integrity of many types of structures from pole barns to marijuana grow houses. Want to ...

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5 simple spring mood enhancers

UMH, spring, manufactured home

It’s been a long, cold winter for many of us. So, it’s time to open up, throw out and breathe in. Turn “to-dos” into “dones” Spring cleaning is one of those organizational goals filled with good intentions. But without a plan, we never seem to get around to it. Start out with an idea of what you’d like to accomplish ...

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Equipment rental offers economic benefits in low price environment

Light Tower Rentals, equipment rental

Oilfield operators are struggling to operate efficiently in today’s challenging environment. To avoid large capital expenditures and maintenance costs, more and more operators are shifting from buying equipment to equipment rental. Renting equipment provides customers with certainty because the costs to rent are predictable, and the rental company handles the maintenance, repair and delivery, which are variable expenses that can ...

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Watford City sustains growth despite downturn

This bird's-eye view of Watford City gives a glimpse the city's continued growth. Oil’s still pumping, and Watford City’s still booming as it hosts new pipelines, gas processing plants and big infrastructure projects. Commercial and residential opportunities abound in this city on the grow.

McKenzie County is still seeing growth, despite recent layoffs and budget cuts that have dominated recent news headlines. While drilling has indeed slowed, production holds steady. As a result: permanent jobs and a steady stream of economic growth in the region. People might not be flocking to the Bakken like they were two years ago, but population in McKenzie County ...

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Measure twice, cut once: How Integrated Energy Services maximizes asset value

Measure twice, cut once: How Integrated Energy Services maximizes asset value

In the current economic climate, minimizing risk in the upstream oil and gas industry has become more important than ever, particularly in the refracturing process. Integrated Energy Services helps businesses reduce their refrac risk substantially. The Austin-based company provides advisory services to oil and gas producers working in conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Refracturing is one way to increase profit and ...

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Abundant water source sets the stage for economic development in Yucca, Arizona


Deserts are usually for the cacti and the scorpions because of limited water resources. Even its human inhabitants must worry daily about water access and rights. Since water is not only critical to life but to economic and cultural development as well, access to water is a really big deal. Despite its water challenges, the desert can harbor the potential ...

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Mojave Water Company Upgrades Facilities and Offers Lucrative Assets for Development


The Mojave Water Company, offers a 92 acres of land available for development or purchase. The land incluces an upgraded, automated water facility, which provides a commercial and industrial source for clean, fast water source in Yucca, Arizona. Yucca, Arizona, November 19, 2015– The Mojave Water Company has announced 92 acres of land, including 84 acres of commercial and 8 ...

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