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Keeping it clean: Using natural gas as a smart energy source

light tower rentals natural gas generator

When people imagine an environmentally-friendly future, they picture massive wind turbines spiraling peacefully in the wind, solar panels collecting near-endless sunshine, and dams wrangling the sheer power of the waterways. They don’t, however, imagine a natural gas processing plant or natural gas generators. If humanity is to ever realistically achieve a “green” future, they should. Natural gas production has increased in years ...

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Gassing it up: a renter’s guide to natural gas versus diesel powered generators

When it comes to purchasing equipment, generators should be the last asset to add to your portfolio, especially if it’s not a “core competency” of your business, says a Natural Gas Generator Expert at Light Tower Rentals (LTR). “It’s all a matter of time. How long are you going to need that generator out there?” In fact, he recommends not ...

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Top 5 benefits of equipment rental in a devalued oil and gas market

Let’s face it. In stronger markets, buying is possibility the better choice. However, don’t underestimate renting as a business-saving option. Renting allows companies to avoid increasing capital expenditures, save money on preventative maintenance and repairs services as well as ensures that equipment doesn’t become technologically obsolete. Once the decision to rent has been made, what next? There are multiple companies that ...

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