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Hickenlooper addresses energy production in State of the State address

Hickenlooper, Colorado energy

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper’s sang the praises of energy production in his State of the State address Thursday. Hickenlooper was focused on economic growth and the ability of the state’s businesses to compete equally on the global stage, with specific mention of rural incentives and job training as imperative to keeping up with the rest of the world. However, when it ...

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Colorado Editorial Roundup

colorado denver skyline cc0

Removing lead from homes in Superfund study area: The Pueblo Chieftain, June 8 At last, the Environmental Protection Agency has taken a good, positive step by agreeing to clean up lead inside 19 homes in the Eilers-Bessemer Colorado Superfund Study Area. Residents of the South Side study area have been concerned that Superfund designation would stigmatize their neighborhood through a ...

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Colorado’s new, higher oil and gas fines are biting industry


DENVER (AP) — Colorado is imposing heftier fines on energy companies as the state struggles to resolve conflicts between growing cities and big oilfields at their doorstep, an Associated Press analysis shows. Regulators say the tougher penalties for breaking health, safety and environmental rules are prompting energy companies to be more careful. Others say it’s too early to call them ...

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Colorado editorial roundup

The Rocky Mountain Range in Colorado, USA. (Image: Kyle Wasinger via Flickr)

The (Grand Junction) Daily Sentinel April 5, on gun safety Despondent people and guns are a poor mix. Unfortunately, stating this obvious fact makes some people nervous that suicide-prevention efforts could be co-opted to advance a gun-control agenda. So we applaud the brave gun shop owners in western Colorado who are willing to put those fears aside and acknowledge a ...

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Hickenlooper: If Colorado doesn’t regulate its air, EPA might

The Milky Way seen from the crisp and clean air of Colorado state. (Image: Max and Dee Bernt via Flickr)

DENVER (AP) — Gov. John Hickenlooper warned Thursday that withholding funds for state air quality regulators could prompt the federal government to step in with a heavier hand. The Democratic governor’s comments came amid a dispute with Republican lawmakers over whether Colorado should continue developing rules to comply with the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. In February, the U.S. Supreme Court ...

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Governor, industry urge cautious hand in regulating oil, gas

An oil and gas drilling rig operating in the Wattenburg Field north of Denver, Colorado. (Image: Plazak via Wikipedia)

DENVER (AP) — Collaboration and negotiation allowed Colorado to draw up oil and gas regulations that protect the public and the environment while encouraging a lucrative state industry, the governor and the president of an industry group say. Gov. John Hickenlooper and American Petroleum Institute President Jack Gerard talked Thursday about regulation, the future of the industry and the possibility ...

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Clean power debate flares up in Colorado

Clean power debate flares up in Colorado

DENVER (AP) — A national debate over global warming has turned into a major sticking point at the Colorado Legislature, where Democrats and Republicans this week started tussling over paying for efforts to curb carbon emissions. Republicans say it’s a waste of money to try to comply with the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, which regulates carbon dioxide emissions from ...

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Colorado’s economy seeing slower growth, reports say

Sunrise over Denver, Colorado. (Image: Jeff Turner via Flickr)

DENVER (AP) — Colorado’s depressed energy sector has led to a dip in estimated tax collections, meaning lawmakers will have to continue wrangling over tax refunds and paying for roads and schools this legislative session, according to revenue forecasts released Friday by legislative and administration analysts. Colorado will balance its books next fiscal year, as it must under the state ...

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