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Statoil to test the use of CO2 in the Bakken

Statoil has entered into a supply and service agreement with Ferus LP to utilize the Denver-based company’s energized fluids, such as liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) and liquid nitrogen, on its North American oil and gas operations, reports the Oil & Gas Financial Journal. Statoil will use liquid CO2 on a test well to examine the benefits of using the energized ...

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Top 5 stories of the week

                    Here were the top five stories for the week of April 6-10. Thank you for reading and have a great weekend! 5. Frack sand terminal comes to DJ Basin The Denver-Julesburg basin’s first frack sand terminal officially opened today, MarketWatch reports. Twin Eagle Sand Logistics, LLC, a Twin Eagle Resources Management, LLC. ...

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Clean energy suffers along with O&G

Oil and gas aren’t the only energy industries taking a hit from the oil slump; low oil and gas prices have driven down demand for renewable energy sources as well, according to BizWest. Last year’s $100-per-barrel oil prices last summer prompted interest in clean energy, but the current low cost hovering around $50 per barrel for fossil fuels has since ...

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Colorado Springs council, mayoral candidates stress need to end strife

“Collaboration,” “cooperation” and “leadership” were the catchphrases Tuesday night as at-large Colorado Springs City Council and mayoral candidates spoke at the Organization of Westside Neighbors forum. Eleven of the 13 at-large candidates attended; Vickie Tonkins and Vanessa Bowie did not. Mayoral candidate Lawrence Martinez likewise was missing from that field of six. One of the first questions posed to five ...

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CO2 storage bill advances in Wyoming

Wyoming’s house committee advanced a bill to track stored carbon dioxide within the state, according to a Casper Star Tribune article. The bill would create a program for the state to ascertain the amount of stored carbon dioxide used in oil production. This carbon is used for methods such as enhanced oil recovery, a newer technique that utilizes pressurized carbon ...

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CO2 Conference plans 20th annual session

More than 30 years ago, operators were seeking a new oil recovery method more effective than the waterflooding that was bringing additional crude to the surface. Operators turned to carbon dioxide (CO2) as a tertiary recovery method and now an additional 190,000 barrels a day comes from enhanced oil recovery projects. But today’s rapid technological advances are impacting enhanced oil ...

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Study finds state policies are effective in reducing power plant emissions

Zach Koppang | Shale Plays Media A recent study conducted by the University of Colorado Boulder has found that the different methods used by states to reduce power plant carbon emissions, such as emission caps and encouraging the use of renewable energy, are indeed effective. The study, a first of its kind, is important because the efficacy of the Environmental ...

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Petra Nova project breaks ground on world’s largest post-combustion carbon capture project

U.S. Energy Department A coal-fired power plant in Texas is on its way to capturing 1.4 million tons of CO2 that previously would have been released into the air. Rather than building an entirely new facility, the Petra Nova project will apply carbon capture technology to an existing coal-fired power plant — helping to advance the technologies that enable cleaner, safer and more ...

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Natural gas could be a help instead of a waste


By Amy Dalrymple | Forum Communications WILLISTON, ND — Natural gas that is flared today could one day be used to extract more oil from the Bakken. The Energy and Environmental Research Center at the University of North Dakota is in the early stages of studying enhanced oil recovery using natural gas. “We’re actually very encouraged about this at this point,” ...

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