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Millions of Jobs, thousands of deaths: How 2016 could be a make or break election season for oil and gas.

oil worker

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has re-launched its “Vote4Energy” campaign for the upcoming 2016 election cycle. Right out of the gate, the national trade association requested Wood Mackenzie to investigate the impact of potential changes to various oil and natural gas-related policies at both a federal and state level. The analytics company went right to work to produce some staggering ...

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Has OPEC been out-gased?

How does New Mexico rank among natural gas producers? According to a ranking form The American Petroleum Institute, the state not only dominates the U.S. natural gas market, but also outranks six OPEC nations. The ranking accounts for data from 2012, the most recent year offering consistent international data. For purposes of data comparison, the report ranks U.S. states against ...

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Felmy: oil prices bound to bounce back

The same factors that led to the U.S. fuel prices slump may also contribute to a rise in prices, American Petroleum Institute chief economist John Felmy told The Denver Post.  Felmy presented on the downturn to lawmakers in Denver yesterday. One of the main factors Felmy identified to have driven down oil prices was the United States’ massive oil production ...

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