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Top 5 Niobrara stories of the week

Here are the top five stories from Niobrarachalk.com for the week of June 27th through July 4th. Happy Independence Day! 5. Millions of Jobs, thousands of deaths: How 2016 could be a make or break election season for oil and gas The American Petroleum Institute (API) has re-launched its “Vote4Energy” campaign for the upcoming 2016 election cycle. Right out of ...

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How ethanol could corrode summer fun

Memorial Day weekend is the cultural beginning to summertime and boating season. Many are thinking of spending time lakeside, and road trips are finally taking shape. But even with the great news that increased U.S. oil and natural gas production will have summer gasoline prices lower than previous years, ethanol, and more specifically, the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), could mean ...

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Colorado joins lawsuit against BLM

Colorado recently joined North Dakota and Wyoming in a lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management regarding its new regulations for fracking on tribal and federal land, The Oil and Gas Journal reports. But Colorado Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman said the state doesn’t intend to harbor an unregulated oil and gas industry—just one that is regulated on Colorado’s terms. ...

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Oil group adds Colorado office


The oil industry continues to pump more educational resources into Colorado. One of its newest moves is creating and staffing a Denver-based branch office of the American Petroleum Institute. The branch office, named the Colorado Petroleum Council, is headed by Tracee Bentley, a Buena Vista High School graduate whose parents, John and Rae Timme, now live in Pueblo West. On ...

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How efficiently has American drilling matured?

How can we measure well efficiency from year to year? Well just recently, the American Petroleum Institute (API) initiated a survey that aimed to find out how efficient wells have become over the course of America’s energy revolution. According to the API’s 2013 Joint Association Survey on Drilling Costs, an estimated $147.7 billion was invested in drilling roughly 45,000 U.S. ...

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Final federal fracking rules causing chaos in the industry

On Friday the Obama Administration released what the U.S. Department of Interior deemed the “Final Rule to Support Safe, Responsible Hydraulic Fracturing Activities on Public and Tribal Lands.” The new regulations primarily address well integrity, water protection and the long-awaited detailing of chemical disclosure. While many environmental organizations claim the new standards are merely paper tigers, numerous voices, including congressional ...

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