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Exports could fuel a new fire in the Eagle Ford Shale

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On the tail end of 2014, the Obama Administration gave hinted at a major breakthrough for U.S. petroleum exports when the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) told oil companies that they should consider exporting a lightly processed form of crude oil called condensate without formal permission, according to a recent Reuters report. The impact of America becoming ...

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Citi: Boom brings two generations worth of prosperity

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There’s no doubt, that if you’re an oilfield worker reading over this, what’s in your wallet compared to many probably puts you in another tax bracket. From individual lives to new business and budding entrepreneur, oil production has given new life to the U.S. economy. But there is always the looming question in the back of the American consciousness, “How ...

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Are we on course for energy independence by 2025?

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A recent Wood Mackenzie report is setting a date for American energy independence. Thanks to trends of high production and stabling demand, 2025 is expected to be the first year since 1952 that the U.S. will export more energy products than it imports. Rigzone.com reports: A country can achieve energy independence through two channels,” said James Brick, senior analyst with Wood ...

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Stagnant export reform obstructing new Texas projects

America’s ban on exporting petroleum is hindering, at least in one recent case, new commercial ventures for the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford Shale Plays. Greg Armstrong, CEO and Chairman of the Houston-based Plains All American Pipeline LP, desires to export Texas-produced condensate, a particular form of ultra-light crude oil. The Houston Business Journal reports that the company is well ...

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Opposing sides have their eyes on the export ban prize

Crude prices are dropping, revisions of export laws regarding petroleum products are stagnant, coal is at the losing end of carbon emission regulation and key infrastructure projects such as the Keystone XL are on hold. This is the reality of the energy industry a little over a month from November elections. Due to the exponential increase in oil production, America ...

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Economist fears the worst for crude if export ban is not handled

A prominent economist warned of a “day of reckoning” for American-made petroleum if legislation continues to dodge the export ban dilemma facing the energy industry. The Houston Chronicle reported that Rice University economist Kenneth Medlock warned of a “train wreck” of falling prices, declining oil production and idle drilling rigs before the United States lifts its long-standing ban on exporting ...

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Crude ban could cost nearly 1 million jobs and hinder gas price drop

Zachary Toliver | Shale Plays Media As the last day of the U.S. Energy Information Administration conference continues, a hot topic guiding many presentations and conversations is the fate of the export bans around homemade petroleum. Jamie Webster, an oil market analysis from IHS touched on this issue during his presentation with very insightful data to explain what an impact ...

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