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Marcellus Shale News

Marcellus permit activity in Pennsylvania


The Marcellus Shale formation in Pennsylvania has seen a little activity over the last week when it comes to permits, but permitting hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention as Cabot Oil & Gas’s latest court hearing. It all began in February, when anti-frack activist Vera Scroggins decided to push her limits with Cabot Oil & Gas once again.  Well, her ...

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Peco says it makes a positive impact – and would like a rate hike


Peco Energy Co., the regional utility with 1.6 million electric customers and 500,000 natural gas customers, generated an estimated economic impact of $4.5 billion across Pennsylvania last year and supported nearly 10,000 jobs, according to a report the company released Monday. The utility, which operates in Philadelphia and surrounding Pennsylvania counties, produced $760 million in labor income across Pennsylvania, according ...

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Mark Sanford opposes offshore testing, drilling

CHARLESTON, S.C. — South Carolina U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford is on record against offshore seismic testing and drilling for oil. Sanford announced Monday he is asking the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management not to allow seismic testing off the South Carolina coast. Sanford says under the current system, state officials would not have access to the results of seismic ...

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State looks to control electricity rate spikes


The state agency charged with regulating electric utility rates is investigating ways to prevent or mitigate future large and sudden rate hikes like Massachusetts consumers saw last fall after electric prices surged as a result of a spike in natural gas prices. The Department of Public Utilities in its order to investigate will look into pricing and purchasing of basic ...

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A slow motion bust in the NM oil patch

The U.S. oil industry is facing its first major bust since the Great Recession, but it’s not yet visible in southeastern New Mexico. The road from Artesia to Hobbs, for example — which cuts through the bustling oil-producing town of Loco Hills — is as crowded and active now as before world oil prices began to plummet last fall. The ...

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$1000 fine awarded to anti-frack activist

Back in February, anti-fracking activist Vera Scroggins stepped back into the boxing ring with Cabot Oil & Gas, a company that is operating in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.  Well, her day has finally come, and a judge has delivered his ruling, and it is not in her favor. During her court hearing Thursday morning, Scroggins stuck to her story, maintained her ...

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N.E. Governors Change Course On Paying For Energy Projects

HARTFORD – The five New England governors at a closed-door energy meeting Thursday updated their agreement to pursue major investments in natural gas pipelines and transmission wires. Investments in the billions of dollars are needed, they say, to reduce New England’s electricity prices, which, outside of Hawaii, are the highest in the United States. The agreement released Thursday largely mirrors ...

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Wolf garners more opposition to plan replace drilling fee

HARRISBURG, Pa. — An organization of Pennsylvania’s municipalities is joining counties in opposing Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposal to replace a variable fee on Marcellus Shale natural gas wells with a flat annual payment to local governments in drilling areas. Tim Horner, president of the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors, said Thursday that Wolf’s plan doesn’t let the fee grow ...

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