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Oil, gas spill reports for July 6

The following spills were reported to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission in the past two weeks. Information is based on Form 19, which operators must fill out detailing the leakage/spill events. Any spill release which may impact waters of the state must be reported as soon as practical. Any spill of five barrels or more must be reported ...

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Wildlife advocates skeptical that prairie chicken numbers rising

A recent survey of the lesser prairie chicken population came as welcome news to state, regional and federal wildlife officials. All applauded the results, which measured a 25 percent increase in the threatened bird’s numbers from last year to 2015. Wildlife conservationists, however, met the findings with skepticism. The Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, which is composed of ...

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Editorial: COGA should take long view

The Colorado Oil & Gas Association may be right on the legalities as it tries to force Broomfield to surrender or spend taxpayer money to defend a five-year fracking moratorium approved by voters in 2013, but it’s wrong on the public relations. For one thing, COGA doesn’t need another fracking case winding its way slowly through the state legal system. ...

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Top 5 Niobrara stories of the week

Here are the top five stories from Niobrarachalk.com for the week of June 27th through July 4th. Happy Independence Day! 5. Millions of Jobs, thousands of deaths: How 2016 could be a make or break election season for oil and gas The American Petroleum Institute (API) has re-launched its “Vote4Energy” campaign for the upcoming 2016 election cycle. Right out of ...

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CU-Boulder study isolates fracking contaminants, eyes their mobility

A University of Colorado study looking at the toxicity, mobility, persistence and frequency of occurrence for hundreds of organic compounds deployed in hydraulic fracturing indicated that 15 could be of concern as potential groundwater contaminants. CU professor Joseph Ryan, principal investigator on the project funded through a $12 million grant from National Science Foundation, drew on data obtained from more ...

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Colorado Editorial Roundup

The Aurora Sentinel, June 25, on protecting the tourism industry: Colorado has an important job that it’s not very good at, protecting its future. That future, as a story this week in the Denver Post pointed out, is tourism. A report from the Colorado Tourism office pointed out that an astounding 71.3 million tourists visited the state in 2014, an ...

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