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Local auction veteran goes global

Sponsored Content The world is shrinking and the gap between the rest of the world and rural America is closing quickly. Gone are the days of gathering around the auction block, physically raising the bid with the signal of a hand or a hearty shout over the strewn together syllables of an auctioneer. One Midwestern family, with years of auction ...

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Federal Judge rejects O&G permit halt in New Mexico

The Bureau of Land Management near Farmington will continue to issue oil and gas permits, despite requests from nearby environmentalists to halt development permits. The Associated Press reports U.S. District Judge James Browning rejected the proposal Friday. Environmentalists’ push to halt the area’s oil and gas development has spanned several months. The BLM received a 34-page letter last October drafted ...

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Top 5 Niobrara stories of the week


In case you missed them, here are the top five stories from Niobrarachalk.com for the week of August 8th through August 15th. Enjoy! 5. Are electric vehicles harboring a dirty little secret? Are electric vehicles harboring a dirty little secret? Well, it depends on who you ask and where you live. Don Anair, the research and deputy director of Clean Vehicles at ...

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Bakken crude: Could pipelines replace the need for oil-by-rail?

The transportation of Bakken crude is beginning to shift away from the railways and into pipelines as production levels off in the wake of last year’s price collapse and more oil and gas pipelines are brought online. Rusty Braziel, analyst with RBN Energy, explained, “Since 2012 a combination of rail and pipeline has given Bakken producers ample crude takeaway capacity, ...

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Shrinking capital budgets require innovative options for Pumping Equipment

The drop in oil prices and resultant slowdown of domestic oil development has put the squeeze on capital equipment budgets.  At the same time, there are still pumping requirements that need to be met.  Caught between the necessity of moving product and the lack of funding to invest in equipment, asset managers are looking for cost effective alternatives to conventional ...

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Breaking even: Bakken still profitable, but barely

The oil price crash just can’t keep a good shale driller down. According to a Bloomberg Intelligence analysis, parts of North Dakota’s Bakken shale formation continue to be profitable at less than $30 per barrel, half the amount of some predictions gave last year when prices began to drop. As companies tap larger wells and reap the benefits of decreased ...

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Devon, Denbury, Shell and Vine O&G unlock automation opportunity

Shale production has rocketed from 100 kboe/d to 7,500 kboe/d in less than 10 years. During the same time, shale plays across North America have seen hugely impactful developments, with drilling costs declining and productivity per well increasing. The adoption of digital technologies has been critical to this, supporting the fact that the digital oilfield services market is set to ...

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Morgan Stanley benefits from Eureka Hunter sale

Earlier this week, Magnum Hunter Resources Corp. shared it will be selling its interests in its Eureka Hunter pipeline system to help battle the industry’s downward spiral. Well, Magnum Hunter isn’t the only company that will be benefiting from the sale. Magnum Hunter’s partner Morgan Stanley, who owns 53 percent of the pipeline system, will also see some impact come ...

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