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Fracking 101: Breaking down the most important part of today’s oil, gas drilling

prairie oil well

Fracking, the two- to three-day process of hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas, is perhaps one of the most misunderstood drilling practices, becoming as bad of a word in some circles as a racial slur. Entire countries have banned the process. Some Colorado towns have placed moratoriums to study it further. Environmentalists storm capitals over it, demanding increased regulations, and ...

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Proposed statewide ballot measure would give Colo. communities power to ban fracking

voter in booth

A movement is underway to put a ballot measure before Colorado voters in November that would give local governments across the state the power to protect the health and safety of residents by banning or restricting oil and gas drilling and other industrial activities currently permitted by state law. The effort, which would be an amendment to the state constitution ...

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Groups differ on shale’s job impact on Valley economy

YOUNGSTOWN — As the shale play in Northeast Ohio begins to take off, studies emerging from both sides of the hydraulic-fracturing debate are painting different pictures about the industry’s impact on the local economy. Debate surrounding a pair of recent studies shows that the position an organization takes on the process known as fracking can influence both the way information ...

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