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Stuck in the mud? Safe-T-Pull

Imagine this: It’s one of those cold, wet, late-fall evenings in Western North Dakota. The weather conditions are worsening, but you promised your most important client you’d make a last-minute fuel oil delivery to his rig. “Just one more and I can call it a day,” you tell yourself, relaxing to the rhythm of the rain.

Then it happens. An unexpected snow flurry obscures your vision and you slide into the muddiest part of the site, sinking even deeper as you attempt to free yourself. You reach for your cell phone when you spot the familiar headlight pattern of a fellow tanker coming off the field. You flash your high beams and he heads in your direction. Best case scenario–you have a Slingshot Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope and Soft Shackles in a dufflebag under your seat so any truck can safely help you gain momentum.

All’s well that ends well, right? Not necessarily. In the absence of Safe-T-Pull’s innovative hitch and towing system, you’d be tempted to use whatever is onboard your tractor or truck–most likely chains–to attempt a pull. But chains alone may not do the job. Chains pull unevenly and can snap back, causing property damage, human injury and even death.

Safe-T-Pull™ is safe t pull close upa hydraulically operated towing system that makes pulling stuck vehicles and equipment out of tough conditions easy and safe, significantly improving operational efficiency for companies whose vehicles are frequently susceptible to poor conditions. Once the specially designed hitches are attached to a company’s fleet of vehicles, Safe-T-Pull virtually eliminates human error, so even pulls in low light can be done safely.

For decades, agriculture and construction industries have trusted Safe-T-Pull to overcome almost any sticky situation Mother Nature can throw their way. “From a safety standpoint, you just can’t beat it,” says Lee Lessard, North Dakota farmer.

Ron Corrick, Owner, Helm Enterprise uses Safe-T-Pull in both his construction and trucking businesses and attaches it to every vehicle. “It’s steady. It’s fast. It makes things happen,” he enthuses.

Safe-T-Pull isn’t made for one-time pulls, however. The innovative device saves time for those who are continually working with large machinery in not so ideal conditions.

“It is designed for multiple pulls for multiple vehicles,” explains Jacob Kringstad, General Manager. “Like farmers harvesting a field, if you have 5 trucks and each take 10 loads, you might pull several times in a 12 hour shift. For the oil fields, it might be someone prepping a site or setting up a rig. If it’s muddy, they will have to hook up every truck and pull them in and out.” It saves time, and also keeps everyone operating both the vehicle that is pulling and the one being pulled safe from mishaps.

You can’t predict the weather. Or the way it will affect roads or even fields in remote oil patch locations. That’s why more and more oil men are installing patented Safe-T-Pull products in their tankers, tractors and tow vehicles.

“What makes Safe-T-Pull rugged is its solid design,” says Kringstad. “We’ve tested the design on trucks in irrigated fields pulling 160,000 pounds.” Those same qualities translate seamlessly to oil and gas settings.

Since its inception in the 90s, the company has continued to innovate and expand. There are now four need-specific designs to choose from: Original, Pro, Compact and HD, in addition to truck hitches. And the Safe-T-Pull dealer network has grown to more than 87 authorized resellers across 25 states. Safe-T-Pull stands behind it industry-leading craftsmanship with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Discover the universal appeal of the simple design, durability and ease of use at Safe-t-pull.net or check out the company’s new video below:

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