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Pacific Energy successfully completes Wattenberg well

Pacific Energy Development, an energy company engaged in the acquisition and development of high growth energy projects, has announced it successfully completed drilling its third well of a three well-pad drilling program in Colorado’s Wattenberg field.

The project began in August 2014, with the drilling of the first two wells completed in September. The latest well to be completed, dubbed the Loomis 2-6H well, reached a total measured depth of 11,335 feet. The vertical drilling depth hit 6,297 feet and extends laterally for 4,200 feet.

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With drilling of the three wells completed, the company plans to hydraulically fracture each well in succession. Different completion designs will be used for each well to determine optimal stage spacing, sand volume, and well spacing. The company plans to use offsetting wells to monitor pressure and to verify planned well spacing, and will use that information to apply the most effective techniques to the remainder of its 2014 and 2015 drilling program.

Pacific Energy holds roughly 50 percent net working interest in each of the Loomis wells. Completion operations, including fracking and flow-back, are expected to begin in late October 2014.

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